We are immensely proud of our alumni and grateful for their advice and support over the years!

Here is where our recent alumni have gone:

Bradford Bormann (2020 alum): continuing MD
Tiffany Cole (2019 alum): NYU Stern School of Business, continuing MD/MBA
Jonathan Peterson (2017 alum): continuing MD
Aimee Juan (2016 alum): continuing MD/PhD
Anik Saha (2020): Mount Sinai--Psychiatry
Nadir Bilici (2020): New York University--Neurology
Tomas Anderson (2019): University of Pennsylvania--Ophthalmology 
Sara Weintraub (2019): University of Pennsylvania--Orthopaedic Surgery
Kent Grosh (2019): Western Michigan University--General Surgery
David Tischfield (2018): Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania--Diagnostic Radiology
Mark Barry (2017): University of California, San Francisco---General Surgery
Courtney Gallagher (2017): Children's Hospital of Philadelphia---Pediatrics
Meghan Morley (2017): Cooper University Hospital---Orthopaedic Surgery
Anastasia Vishnevetsky (2017): Brigham and Women's Hospital---Neurology
Ivor Asztalos (2015): Children's Hospital of Philadelphia---Pediatrics
Max Barron (2015): Oregon Health & Science University---Anesthesiology
Eric Meyerowitz (2015): University of Washington---Internal Medicine
Katie Auriemma (2014): University of California, San Francisco---Internal Medicine
Meredith Laguna (2014): University of California, San Francisco---Pediatrics


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