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1st Floor

Living Room

Fully equipped with cable and HBO; A great place for group fun like watching presidential elections, playing Halo, keeping up with the latest season of Game of Thrones, or just watching college football. The living room also features our members' mail cubbies, bike rack, and an upright piano


An elegant room that serves as both a space for house meetings as well as hosting various events like paint night, weekend brunch parties, board game nights, or events for student organizations.


Boasting four full-size refrigerators, a brand new restaurant-quality range with 10 burners and 2 ovens (not pictured), and virtually all appliances you can think of (including coffee maker, toaster oven, a new Ninja blender, and a rice cooker), our kitchen is a spacious haven to express your gastronomic creativity and share meals with your friends. Spices and common baking supplies are all available to share. Everyone receives their own designated pantry and refrigerator space. Indulge in your culinary creation or take-out with the latest edition of JAMA provided at the kitchen table.


Full-size washer, dryer, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets are all provided by the house.