Frequently Asked Questions About Living in the Nu

What kind of events does the Nu host?

The Nu hosts a variety of events every year internally and for the medical school student body. School-wide events include "Post-Gross", a celebration after first years' gross anatomy exam; "Hallow-Renal", a Halloween party after the second years' renal exam; and "Post-Spoof", a celebration after Spoof, the school's annual comedy and skit show. The Nu has regular in-house events such as "Nugiving", our annual Thanksgiving feast; "Booze 'N Clues", a medical-themed case-based puzzle created by members of the house; "Nuormal", or the Nu formal, where we dress and eat fancy for a night. These are just a few of the events that we hold, as new events are organized every year!

What does mentorship look like at the Nu?

From the moment you set foot into the Nu, the other members of the Nu provide endless support and advice about classes, the wards, facing the day-to-day challenges of medical school, and much more. Because you'll be living with students who recently went through exactly the same courses and rotations that you will, their practical tips and recent experiences will help guide you through the challenges of medical school. You’ll get to know fellow students who are going through each stage in their medical school careers, and you’ll even meet Nu alumni who are physicians in the area!

What kind of amenities and facilities does the Nu have?

The Nu has everything you need to feel right at home, featuring a spacious living room with a 65" TV, a kitchen with 10 stovetops, 2 ovens, 4 fridges, and tons of appliances, a workout room with bars and weights in the basement, and a rooftop for those sunny summers. See the House tab of this website for more details!

How does rent work?

Rent and utilities together ranges from $450 to $670 per month, depending on the room, with yearly increases to keep up with inflation. We have an optional opt-in food fund of $120 per month that is used for communal groceries and food supplies, for which we do weekly shopping for the house at wholesale stores like BJs and Restaurant Depot. All funds collected are used towards the house, supplies, and activities of the organization.

How do chores work?

As you might imagine, living in a house of 10 busy students can be a lot of work! We have a scheduled weekly chore wheel that rotates every month, and we work together to keep our space clean. Because the Nu Sigma Nu organization owns the house, we maintain the house and keep it from falling apart by doing our own repairs or arranging for professional help.

Additionally, each person in the house has a role that they are responsible for, such as the Treasurer who manages house finances, Forepeople who manage house repairs, Social Chairs who organize events, and more. 

How does parking work?

Our house is lucky to have 6 parking spaces which we all share!